Last Updated - Auguest 20th, 2020

| Technical Details | Server Ranks |

Technical Details

  • IP apixelofhope.mcs.lol
  • RAM 3GB
  • VERSION 1.16.2
  • FLAVOR Spigot
  • TYPE Survival
  • PLUGINS MCMMO, Essentials, Grief Prevention, and some admin tools
  • MODS (none)
  • DISCORD https://discord.gg/ShUQ9Jd(supports livechat)

Server Ranks

Default may use:

  • /tpa [name] ask another member if you can move to their location, this will time out after 2 minutes and takes 3 seconds to activate.
  • /tpahere [name] ask another member if they want to move to your location, this will time out after 2 minutes and takes 3 seconds to activate.
  • /tpaccept accept another member's teleport request
  • /tpadeny deny another member's teleport request
  • /afk set your status to AFK, if AFKaa you are not required to sleep for day to come
  • /back go to the last place you were, even to your death point, even works over dimensions
  • /sethome [name] will set a personal teleport at the location you are standing, you can use up to 3
  • /home [name] will move you to your personal teleport location
  • /delhome [name] will remove a personal teleport location
  • /nick [name] will allow you to change your nickname on the server, but no use of colors or formating
  • /color this is a plugin I wrote to display colors and formating only the the command user
  • /time tells you the in game time
  • /spawn teleports you back to server spawn
  • /warp [name] teleports you to a warp
  • /seen [name] tells you when that member was last online or how long they have been online
  • /kit claim give yourself another golden shovel
  • +500 claim blocks for joining the server
  • +100 for continuous server activity (non AFK)
  • /vote vote to gain vote points that will go twords a free Donor rank

Donor may use:

  • /ec will let you open your enderchest anywhere
  • /wb will open a 3x3 crafting workbench
  • you may now use color and formating with nicknames
  • you may now set up to 7 homes
  • exempt from cooldowns on teleports
  • +5000 more block claims
  • gain all recipe for the recipe book
  • Buy this rank for $5.00 USD